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MARES For Sale

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Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Prices may be negotiable.
 PayPal is accepted, including all Major CREDIT CARDS & DEBIT CARDS through PayPal.
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Mares/ Fillies~

Linzee's CS Classic Showgirl.
AMHR 30.75" Sorrel Tovero Mare; 1 Blue eye;   DOB: 05/04/2009.

Sire: BREWERS CLASSIC ECLIPSE (31.25" Blue Roan Pintaloosa).
Dam: S A DAIRYS BOLD DESTINY (32.5" Sorrel Pinto).

Showzy is a very friendly & classy little mare.  Her sire is a SON of BREWERS ORION CLASSIC and X UBERANT BIRD VANT HUTTENEST.  He is double bred ORION LIGHT VANT HUTTENEST.  Her dam's side consists of Shady Acres, Brewers and Dairyland breeding.  Showzy is a very easy keeping mare. She has been a great dam in her limited breeding career.  She's produced Buckskin Pintos when bred to our Perlino stallion (he's since sold).  She's is CONFIRMED IN FOAL to him for 2018.
Oak Parks Mercedes Destiny.
AMHA/AMHR 32.0" Buckskin Mare; DOB: 05/16/2009.
Sire: ARIONS PLAYBOY DESTINY (31.0" Buckskin).

Sadie is a granddaughter to ALVADARS DOUBLE DESTINY and a great-granddaughter to BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO and CHAMPION FARMS NIGHTHAWK.  Her parentage traces her back to BUCKEROO, Roan Ranger and Gold Melody Boy multiple times.  Sadie is a very sweet girl but can be a dominant mare in a herd when it comes time to grain.  Easy to catch/handle otherwise.  She's been bred a limited amount of times- producing a Bay/Buckskin Pinto colt & Perlino Colt.  She does have an underbite, which I'm told is due to previous owner not catching that she had hooks needing to be floated (had a perfect bite when younger).  Both parents & previous foals have perfect bites.  She has been pasture exposed to our LWO+ NIGHTHAWK grandson for 2018- CONFIRMED IN FOAL. 
Vanilla Ice.
AMHR 31.5" Perlino/Cremello Mare; DOB 04/14/2005.
Sire: MY PRINCE CHARMING (32.5" Buckskin Pinto).
Dam: PINE'S CRYSTAL LADY (32.0" Buckskin).
Vanna goes back to Rudolf Van Double Dutch, Soats and Toyland breeding.  She is a correct young mare. Easy to handle & catch.  Stands excellent for the farrier & grooming.  She produced Perlino, Dun and Buckskin Overos/solids for me in the past.  She is registered as Cremello, but I believe she is genetically a Perlino.  She is only being offered as we want to reduce our workload a bit.  She has been exposed to our LWO+ LTD's Magic Man grandson for 2018- Looks to be in foal but not yet confirmed. 
AMHA/AMHR 31.0" Perlino Mare, DOB: 04/20/2011.
Sire: SAGE SIR BUCKINGHAM (31.0" Buckskin).
White Chocolate is a correct & very refined little mare.  Her sire is a son of TEN L ECHOS CAPTIVE SPIRIT back to LITTLE KINGS BUCK ECHO back to BUCKEROO.  Her dam is a daughter of AF GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY (HOF).  She also goes back to FLYING W FARMS LITTLE BOY BLUE, GOLD MELODY BOY, East Acres Golden Jubilee.  WC is exposed for her first foal, to Espresso, our LWO+ Black Frame Overo NIGHTHAWK grandson, for a summer/fall 2018 foal.
~Prices & availability are subject to change without prior notice.
 ~We offer multiple purchase discounts & Short-Term payment plans on most sales- PLEASE ASK IN ADVANCE.
1.  Deposits are required to hold a horse for a buyer.  Deposits are non-refundable (Check, Cash, Money Order, Money Gram, Western Union or PayPal). Minimum deposit of 25% of purchase price is required.  A 'Purchase Agreement' outlining Payments, Payment Due Dates, and Deadlines will be sent to all buyers who decide to purchase on a Payment Plan.  Buyer is responsible for PayPal usage fee if PayPal is preferred.  **Checks must have D.L. information.  Buyer is responsible for all fees associated with NSF.**
2.  A horse is considered Sold on the date payment / deposit is received and the buyer is considered the owner of the horse on that date.
3. Horses will not leave until paid in full with Cash/Money Order only (if balance is due at pick-up). We reserve the right to refuse any sale.
4. Vet checks are welcome at buyers expense.  All horses are sold "AS IS" unless otherwise stated in a written contract.   Seller is not responsible for accidents, injury, or illness to foals/horses during the payment or boarding period prior to the foal/horse being picked up.
5.  Coggins & health papers are the buyers responsibility for all horses $1500. & under. (Seller will provide 1 set of coggins for horses over $1500). Coggins & health papers are not done until deposit is received & transportation is arranged.
6.  Buyer is responsible for arranging transportation, however, if needed & you're within the states SURROUNDING WISCONSIN (MN & IA), we may be able to deliver for a fee- Husband is a LICENSED HAULER.  Buyer assumes all responsibility and risk during transport.
7.  We will hold said Miniature for 30 days post receiving a deposit.  After 30 days, board of $4.00 per  head/per day will be charged (Exception is unweaned foals. Unweaned foals are to be picked up within 30 days of their weaning date, after 30 days, a board fee will apply).  Buyer is responsible for all farrier & vet costs. 
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