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Sun Country Hawks Espresso On Ice.                                      
AMHA/AMHR, DNA & PQ'd 32.25" Black Frame Overo Stallion; 1 blue eye.
Sire: LM HAWKS SHOW N OFF (33.75" Bay).
Dam: CONDERS SUPER BRIGHT (34.0" Sorrel Pinto).
Espresso is a grandson of  CHAMPION FARMS NIGHTHAWK, tracing him back to LAZY N REDBOY, ROWDY & BOND SHOWBOY.  His dam's side is DELS COWBOY,  DOUBLE O SEVEN MOTO, JOHNSTONS SUPER CHARGER, Sligo & Sweetwaters.  He has wonderful conformation and pedigree.  Espresso has been tested LWO+ and also carries the sabino gene. 
Spirit Of The Norths Wind Dancer.                      
AMHR 34.5" Bay Sabino Frame Overo Stallion; 1 blue eye.
LWO+/Heterozygous Sabino.
Sire: MAGIC MANS RED ROCKET (30.75" Chestnut Roan).
Dam: LONGMANS RUMAKULA (30.5" Sorrel Pinto).
Spirit is another exceptional stallion in our program!  He is a grandson of  LTD'S MAGIC MAN (19 time National Champion), back to SHREDDER.  His dam's side has Rowbuck Ramsey (HOF), F.W. Drummer Boy of Kamelot (HOF), Buckeroo's Little Rascal (HOF) and Lucky Hart's Boogermans Wisdom to name a few.  Spirit has refined & classy conformation.  He really has the presence and grace of his grandsire!
Zephyr Woods Drays Frist Class Buck.
AMHA/AMHR, DNA'd & PQ 31.0" Perlino Stallion.

Sire: LITTLE KINGS ZEPHYR BUCKEROO, Multiple Top 10 & many Grands (30.0" Buckskin).
Dam: SATANS FIRST CLASS LASS, '01 & '02 AMHR Reserve National Champion Mare & HOF (31.75" Buckskin).

Bucks is a double bred Buckeroo Perlino GRANDSON to BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO.  He is also a Great-Grandson to ROWDY!  He goes back to KOMOKOS LITTLE KINGS SUPREME, Winks Jingles, Iowas Little Kernel and Hemlock Brooks. Both his parents have National Titles!  This guys got such a great personality.  He passes on his gentle presence and correct qualities to his offspring as well as the bonus of the cream gene.
Picture taken 6/2017.
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